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Pottery Direct was one of Floral Innovations’ first clients 7 years ago. We are proud and grateful to partnership still with this client and to be asked to build a new corporate website.

A site full of inspiration for growers and export companies. Find the most beautiful pots in the endless catalog and combine them directly with (your own) plants. Scroll through mood boards and see the latest trends in pots and interior. And what about the revolutionary online tile box? View, sort and combine the most beautiful colors and create your unique color palette of pots.

Website Pottery Direct

Custom Wordpress website with Floraconcepts integration

Potterydirect.co.uk is an innovative, custom website optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone. With a direct Floraconcepts integration, users can try the pot-plant configurator with Pottery Direct’s extensive assortment directly with (their own) plants. Combined with the digital color tile box and current trend information, potterydirect.co.uk is a true inspiration platform for growers, export partners and retailers. Website is built on a WordPress cms which makes it pretty easy to keep all content up-to-date.

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