The online sales of flowers and plants is growing extremely fast. Growers, retailers and consumers are indispensable parts in this emerging channel. Floracontent provides all the digital services needed to connect producers, sellers and consumers together online. 

When you ask consumers what they are looking for when shopping online, 85% says: product information. Floracontent provides text, images and product specifications to give consumers the most complete information possible. Less dropouts, more sales!



Floracontent delivers more than just webshops. We believe in selling flowers and plants on multiple channels and have developed smart software for that.

One database with all products which can automatically shared with multiple sales channels. By doing so you are able to fill your own webshop in one click, you sell on bol.com and amazon, and you can send desired product information to (online) retailers. The orders come in centrally in the Order Management System (OMS) developed by Floracontent, which is very handy!

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In addition to the technology of bringing producers, sellers and consumer together, the plant or bouquet must still be packed and shipped.

Here the question rises: Better doing it yourself or outsourcing? Floracontent is happy to help. We work with various fulfillment companies which are specialized in packaging and shipping flowers and plants.

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