We can tell you how beautiful a product will look on the store shelf, but why not show it right away? Floraconcepts makes this possible. Find the perfect plant-pot combination, place it in the desired setting and create a wow-effect among your customers.

Floraconcepts makes it possible to fill a trolley or shelf with pots and plants of your own assortment and upload them in a background of your choice. Our smart software makes choosing easy and in no time you will find the perfect look and feel for your customers.

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Our vision

We believe that flower and plant trade is becoming increasingly visual and data-orientated. To keep a competitive market position in this fast moving world, it is important for sales teams to learn how to combine their expertise with new digital tools. A development which makes working faster, smarter and more effectively.

Our smart visualization tools make Floraconcepts the ideal software for setting up shelf plans and category management.

New in Floraconcepts

Florastock - Standaard Foto's van planten

Quality product photos are the basis for a digital assortment at Floraconcepts. If you don’t have plant photos to hand or are looking for a specific plant at the right stage, from now on you can easily find photos in Florastock! Florastock is an image bank – exclusively for Floraconcepts users – with more than 2,500 standard photos of indoor and garden plants.

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Floraconcepts The functionalities

Our smart visualization tools make Floraconcepts the ideal partner for setting up shelf plans.

  • Combinator: Combine and configure the ideal pot-plant combination from thousands of pots and plants.
  • Display Creator: What will my product look like on the trolley? Not waiting for the final result, but visualize it in advance.
  • Showcase: Create ecommerce and mood images of your products for e.g. auction clocks, supply banks or webshops.
  • Catalog: A complete media library organizing all your assortment and combinations.
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