What we do

Future-oriented and efficient collaboration on digital issues in floriculture.

In a rapidly changing world, we believe that flower and plant sales will be increasingly visual, online and data driven. Floral Innovations invents services and digital solutions responding to these developments.

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How we work

Digital solutions for floriculture with an optimized user experience. Measurable, effective and affordable. You'll find them only at Floral Innovations.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the horticultural sector, we know our customers inside out and half a word is often enough. As a result, our digital solutions are quickly realized and highly effective.

360 Projects Completed

270 Happy Customers

12 Team Members

10 Year Experience

Our Services

Our customers are our business card


These companies preceded you


The perfect combination of strategy, technology and design creates the most talked-about solutions.

Our team

Michiel Kuipers Strategy "We need to be able to do this smarter."
Maarten van kessel Development "It's possible, but have you thought about..."
Stein Bosch Development "Anything is possible!"
Inna Kosnitska Design "Sure, we can do!"
Veselina Bahchevanova Design "I think it can be ready soon"
Tom Pragt Online sales "Amazontomdotcom"
Rosella Moens UX/UI Design “I’ve created several designs”
Isa Verzeilberg Marketing & Communication "Consistency above all"
Jay Buis Prompt engineer / AI "Efficiency is key"

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