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Floral Innovations

Digital production agency

At Floral Innovations we make digital solutions that are exciting, useful and measurably effective.

With a focus and wide experience in the horticultural industry you can say we know our customers by heart. This makes our work effective, affordable and just-in-time.

Since 2015, we’ve designed and developed websites, mobile solutions and digital applications. Check out some of our recent work.



Business growth and higher turnover are impossible without a strategy. You need a clear choice of how you are going to serve your clients and optimise your sales process in a new way. Strategic innovation is the process to make those choices and we can help you with that.



Design impacts business and it can be more powerfull that you may think. We can use design thinking to make a difference. With a combination of graphic design skills and technology expertise, we produce innovative solutions for both online and offline media.



The Web is everywhere! Driven by the strategy and based on the design, development is another crucial step on the way to innovative customer approach. From simple apps & pages to fully functioning and customized websites – you can rely on our expertise.

Ahead in a digital world

In a fast changing world we believe that flower and plant sales will become more and more visually and data driven.

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Floral Innovations masters the technology now available & develops the revolutionary tools for B2B sales.


We offer innovative solutions

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We believe in perfect combination of strategy, design and technology to create the most stunning projects.
Michiel Kuipers Strategy
Maarten van Kessel Development
Stein Bosch Development
Inna Kosnitska Design
Julia Engel Business Development

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