Meet Dr. Flora,
your personal AI plant expert

Increase your customer satisfaction with Dr. Flora

This smart, customized assistant enhances customer satisfaction on your online platform. Dr. Flora provides engaging, AI-generated advice that helps consumers care for their plants. From pruning tips to nutrition, from water needs to temperature. Dr. Flora assists your customers 24/7 with practical tips and useful information.

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The benefits
of Dr. Flora

  • Increased customer satisfaction: By providing professional help with plant-related questions 24/7, you improve your customers’ experience.
  • Increased engagement on your online platform: Dr. Flora’s engaging, AI-generated advice keeps your customers engaged.
  • Customized: The tool can be tailored to your corporate identity, ensuring your branding is consistently applied.


In short, Dr. Flora is the perfect solution to help your customers care for their plants and increase your customer satisfaction.

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