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Innovation everywhere

Kolibri Company makes such amazing products – that’s why we seized the chance to create a configurator for them. Besides being trendsetter in concepts and ceramics, but also they are continously striving for technical innovation. For business-to-business applications they were already using our Floraconcepts software, but how fancy would it be, if consumers could create an own arrangement consisting of various pots, plants and accessories?

Create here your own Kolibri arrangement

Technical Challenge

Combining a pot and a plant was pretty familiar to us. But multiple pots, plants and accessories combined within one arrangement? That was new and challenging. But matching with our vision ‘nothing is impossible’ we gladly accepted the challenge. In the WordPress/Woocommerce webshop we developed a configurator that ‘talks’ to the Kolibri Orchids product feed. This way stock and price are always up-to-date and you can compose a complete package from separate elements that will be delivered to you. Easy, flexible and convenient.

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