Floraconcepts 2.0

July 5, 2017

Floraconcepts: application for an abloom interior!
Select the plants and pots of your choice, add a background and create the ideal combinations! Share the stunning results easily with your clients.

What is Floraconcepts?
Floraconcepts is a web application developed by Floral Innovations. The application offers you the possibility to combine countless plants, pots and plant labels, so you can come up with the best compositions and shelf proposals. By adding a background to your creations, you will get a clear impression of what it all will look like in practice. In this way you will always know where you stand. You can combine endlessly; just as long as it takes to find the perfect combination!

How does it work?
The web application is easy to use. After you are logged on, you can start immediately. You open a new project, you combine the plants and pots you want to use and you place them on a display of your choice. Within just a few mouse clicks, you build the most beautiful shelf presentations!

You can save your projects directly as a PNG or JPG file. After saving your creations, you can also find them in your gallery. You can divide them into maps for a good overview. Your projects can be re-opened at any time, to finish them or to execute the latest changes, for example. As soon as everything is as wished, you can easily share the result with your client from the application within seconds.

Our database features thousands of plants and pots, making it possbile to create an enormous amount of combinations. In case you still miss something, you can always upload your own images. We will process your submission by hand within 24 hours!

What are the benefits?
By using our web application, you can present the different possibilities in an attractive way to your client and come to an even better result together. Offering this service is extremely handy for your client and it provides certainty. You go the extra mile, which can lead to an incease of your plant sales. Besides, it saves a lot of samples, which is not only cost effective but also sustainable.

You can sit down with your client to make combinations right at the spot, make them afterwards and send the results to your client, or present it all personally at a subsequent appointment. In other words, there is always a suitable solution.

Why now?
Changing times ask for new solutions. At Floral Innovations, we keep up with the time in which digitalization plays an increasing role, also within the world of flora. Our applications are focused on the current developments and feature all digital comforts. We put the same flowers in a new vase, as it where.

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