One&Only – Vase


One&Only vase: a single flower like a cut amaryllis or large-bloomed rose has real decorative value. But few people have a suitable vase for it. One&Only Vase offers the solution: elegant, slender vases in which a single
bloom is properly displayed. The vases have a stand to provide maximum stability. The stand is demountable so it can be included in the gift wrapping.

Inform and inspire

One & Only Vase wanted to inform and inspire their (potential) customers about her products. In cooperation with MANGOA design, Floral Innovations developed a brand new website for this innovative product!

Besides development we used our expertise in photo editing for the freestanding and theme setting photography.


  • Full responsive website
  • WordPress CMS
  • photography en photo editing
  • in cooperation with MANGOA design
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