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scan, chat, enjoy.

Did you know that many customers avoid buying a plant because they fear they won’t be able to care for it properly?

Despite all the available information, many people still feel uncertain when buying a plant, not just about care, but also about toxicity, sustainability, or origin.

With FloriScan, consumers receive all the essential information about their plant instantly through a quick scan: from care tips to background stories and fun facts. They can also ask your personalized AI-powered plant doctor questions, which will alleviate their uncertainties about the purchase.

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successful case

MoreLIPS® is a plant label that focuses mainly on the emotional value of plants. They give more than just a plant; they give a kiss, they give love, and they show friendship. MoreLIPS® approached Floral Innovations for information pages with corresponding QR codes for their products and a personalized AI-powered plant doctor. This resulted in a success and was quickly implemented with all their plants.

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