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Fachjan Project Plants specializes in tropical and subtropical ornamental plants and trees for businesses and individuals. Fachjan Project Plants rests on three pillars: daytrade, interior planting & project planting.

Exactly that positioning had to return to the website. Quickly and easily find what you’re looking for.

What we did

In addition to the technical development of the website, we actively considered and sketched a fine-tuning of the logo and corporate identity. In collaboration with the impressive atmosphere photography of Joop Huner, this has resulted in www.fachjan.nl. A dynamic site with
up-to-date relevant information for both exporter, interior- and project planter.


  • Full Responsive
  • Excel upload with photo link for up-to-day info
  • WordPress cms
  • Personal profile login
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Newsfeed
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