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Michiel Kuipers

Strategy "We need to be able to do this smarter."

Michiel is the founder of Floral Innovations. As an expert in the sector he makes connections between floriculture, sales and automation. Sometimes he discovers opportunities and developments before others believe in them. Michiel is the link from our customers to the team, but also a connector between our customers. Working together smarter, without competing with each other, this is an idea that Floral Innovations embraces.

Maarten van kessel

Development "It's possible, but have you thought about..."

Maarten formed the foundation of Floral Innovations together with Michiel and Stein. From day 1 Maarten works on the platform and develops web projects and applications together with the team. He keeps control on complex projects and often thinks one step ahead. This way he makes sure every project has a solid foundation that is future proof and can be built upon.

Stein Bosch

Development "Anything is possible!"

Together with Michiel and Maarten, Stein formed the basis of Floral Innovations. He has been working on the (further) development of Floraconcepts since day 1 and has turned it into a real platform with many users nowadays. Stein loves to face new challenges and makes the impossible technically possible.

Inna Kosnitska

Design "Sure, we can do!"

Inna has been our rock in the fire when it comes to graphic design for both digital and print. Through her years of experience at Floral Innovations, she always knows how to provide projects with a stylish graphic angle. She likes to think along on a UX level and keeps us all focused on making our software as user-friendly as possible.

Veselina Bahchevanova

Design "I think it can be ready soon"

Veshi is a highly effective designer who uses a style guide or brand book to create the coolest designs for online applications. Websites, applications, socials and newsletter design? Veshi is your girl!

Tom Pragt

Online sales "Amazontomdotcom"

Floral Innovations works closely with Tom from Tommjo BV. Tom is a seasoned amazon and bol expert and helps customers of Floral Innovations with successful sales of plants on these marketplaces. And vice versa, we provide the customers of Tommjo with the best product content. And then we are also in the same office. Worthy of a spot on our team page!

Rosella Moens

UX/UI Design “I’ve created several designs”

New to the club: Rosella Moens! Rosella joins the FI team two days a week - besides her study. Rosella is familiar with graphic design, UX/UI design and has the necessary knowledge for technical implementation. Together with Maarten and Stein, she ensures that the web projects of our customers are implemented with the latest techniques & ideas.

Isa Verzeilberg

Marketing & Communication "Consistency above all"

A new energetic addition to the Floral Innovations team is Isa Verzeilberg. She brings her enthusiastic attitude to her role in Floral Innovations' marketing, as she strives to apply her marketing studies within the company. Driven to learn and grow, Isa, along with the Floral Innovations team, looks forward to achieving new creative goals and implementing marketing strategies in practice.

Jay Buis

Prompt engineer / AI "Efficiency is key"

Jay Buis, a seasoned expert in digital marketing and WordPress website creation, has evolved into a leading Prompt Engineer. His extensive experience with ChatGPT Premium, amounting to over 500 hours, has cemented his expertise in AI-driven chatbot configurations. Embodying his belief that "Efficiency is key," Jay's approach combines innovative solutions with streamlined processes, ensuring exceptional outcomes in the AI and digital marketing landscape.

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